• Yoga Village (map)
  • 20 Darlinghurst Road
  • Potts Point, NSW, 2011

$55 pre-sale / $65 after 20th July

An interactive sound healing, meditation and consciously creative experience.

On the eve of the longest lunar eclipse of the century join us for an invigorating and fun evening as we harness the power of the moon, relax and revitalise with Tibetan Sound Healing, meditation and gentle movement, and engage in a creative ritual to help you tap into your own inner wisdom.

Following a lengthy sound soak and guided meditation to deeply relax and bring us to a place of equilibrium, insight and clarity, together we will learn to make our own deck of oracle cards. Oracle cards are used for spiritual guidance and wisdom. Making these cards yourself is a wonderful tool to connect to your own inner light, and access a higher intelligence and knowing that already exists within you. The cards we will make can be used daily, providing a cosmic aid to help guide you at times when you need some inspiration, are presented with difficult problems or circumstances or to simply use as a tool for self-reflection and to align yourself with your own unbound potential. Making these oracle cards under the powerful illumination of the lunar eclipse, will give the cards an auspicious cosmic boost. 

No prior experience with yoga, meditation, sound healing or oracle cards is required to attend this workshop. Guidance will be provided throughout the session to help you glide through the creative process and to help you gain confidence in trusting your own inner voice. Additionally, you will receive tips and learn techniques on how to use your oracle cards in day to day life and how to use the cards to synergistically tap into the energy of those around you.

Please bring a yoga mat, a blanket (if you tend to feel the cold), ink pen (and/or coloured pens and pencils). 

All attendees will be provided with cards to make their own oracle deck.


Tips for viewing the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse:

This astral event occurring very early on Saturday morning will be longest lunar eclipse of the century, with the penumbral eclipse lasting 236 minutes and the total lunar eclipse at 103 minutes. If you're curious to know what the difference is between the two, a penumbral eclipse is when the earth's outer shadow falls on the moon's surface, while a total lunar eclipse involves the moon passing directly into the earth's actual shadow.

You will be able to see the penumbral eclipse starting from 3.14am on Saturday morning, the partial eclipse from 4.24am, and from 5.30am, the full Blood Moon, with the maximum eclipse occurring at 6.21am. The moon will turn a blood-red shade due to sunlight that will be filtered and refracted by the earth's atmosphere. The monumental astral energy of this eclipse will circulate for 3 days before and after the eclipse, presenting a potent opportunity to undergo deep healing work and to tap into your intuition.