• Sukha Mukha (map)
  • 38C Macpherson Street
  • Bronte, NSW, 2024

$45 pre-sale / $55 after  23rd August

Lie back, relax and soak in the serene sounds and deep therapeutic vibrations of Phoebe's Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls on the occasion of Amāvásyā, the auspicious night of the New Moon. With the powerful lunar energy in our midst, this will be the perfect setting to deeply release, let go, relax and revitalize. 

Through a combination of Tibetan Sound Healing, some gentle movement and a potent guided meditation, Bhuta Shuddhi, we will access the five elemental forces (earth, water, space, fire and air) for deep inner purification. This powerful combination will not only unlock deeply held tension in the body and mind and boost your vitality, it will also help you to experience a deep connection to your own true nature and connect to the greater wisdom of the universe. 

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.