• Yoga Village (map)
  • 20 Darlinghurst Road
  • Potts Point, NSW, 2011

$55 pre-sale / $65 after 20th December

Join us for an end of year Yin Yoga and Tibetan Sound Healing experience designed to deeply detoxify the body, mind and nervous system. The asana sequence we will be working with will cleanse, nourish and strengthen the circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems. It will also aid in the release of any pent up stress and ease emotional disharmony that may have accumulated over the course of the year. To further support the natural process of detoxification and regeneration within the body, and unfasten any physical, emotional and energetic congestion, Ancient Tibetan methods will be therapeutically employed using the resonate vibrations of Phoebe’s singing bowls to deepen and enhance the effects of the yoga asana. Expect to be bathed in sound and vibration throughout the session. The workshop will conclude with a guided meditation to mindfully release any habits, behaviours and beliefs that you do not wish to carry into the New Year.

This end of year deep release is a must if you:

  • Feel depleted and fatigued after a demanding year

  • Overindulged over the Xmas period

  • Want a strong physical and energetic practice to flush yourself of toxins

  • Have a desire to begin 2018 refreshed & renewed

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat.

Yin Yoga Level: Intermediate. Students new to Yin Yoga are welcome but will be encouraged to hold challenging poses for shorter lengths of time. Variations and alternate poses will also be offered to ensure all attendees enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the practice. 


Phoebe Joel is a leading international expert in Tibetan Sound Healing, an ancient healing modality that utilises the deep vibrations and soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls. She is the only person in Australia who has been initiated into the Atma Buti sound healing lineage under master teacher Suren Shrestha. Phoebe is also an accomplished yoga instructor specialising in yin, restorative and therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra and meditation. She has studied under the world's most eminent living masters including Yogirajas Alan & Sarah Finger of ISHTA Yoga, Leslie Kaminoff and Sarah Powers. Learn more about Phoebe here.