• Sukha Mukha (map)
  • 38C Macpherson Street
  • Bronte, NSW, 2024

3 weeks. Tuesday evenings. Commencing 24th September

$75 for 3 sessions / $30 per session

Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation that it practiced lying down in savasana. Often referred to as “yogic sleep” it allows one to maintain a hypnagogic state (a phase of consciousness which lies between being awake and being asleep) for an extend period of time. In this state, during a Yoga Nidra practice, one can experience deep relaxation, expanded states of consciousness and also release samskaras buried in the subconscious and unconscious. Therapeutically it is used for providing relief from chronic pain, reducing stress, anxiety and depression, reducing symptoms of IBS and to awaken one’s imagination and enhance creativity. Yoga Nidra is also commonly utilised for the management of sleep disorders and insomnia. It can be used to replace sleep or to help one fall asleep with 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.

This Yoga Nidra immersion will have an experiential emphasis in order for you to experience the many benefits for yourself. Each week will include a gentle asana practice comprised mainly of restorative yoga asana to release physical tension and to prepare the body for the Yoga Nidra experience. Following this, a lengthy Yoga Nidra experience will be shared that includes all nine steps to systematically induce deep physical, mental and emotion relaxation. As you surf the hypnagogic threshold of being awake and being asleep, you will encounter expanded states of consciousness and experience the spontaneous release of memories and habits buried in the subconscious and unconscious mind.

The foundation of each week’s practise will take inspiration from the niyamas, yogic principles for living in homeostasis, to attune the mind for greater conscious awareness as you experience deep systematic rejuvenation:

Week 1: Svadhyaya

Week 2: Shaucha

Week 3: Santosha

*No prior yoga or yoga nidra experience is required*