"The thing I love about this column is that I get to try all sorts of intriguing therapies. To wit, a Tibetan Sound Healing Treatment with Warm Water Therapy, which combines deep vibrations and soothing sounds with Tibetan metallic bowls that "sing" when rubbed or struck along their rims...........I slept better than I have for a long time that night, and woke really refreshed.” Stephanie Darling, Sunday Life Magazine

“How does Phoebe Joel — the therapist I’m visiting — make so many sounds at once? I sense them coming from my feet one moment and my head the next. It’s like she’s some sort of wizard…… How does it feel? Like you’re being washed with sound. Literally…… if you’re into things like yoga and meditation and suspending the part of your brain that might think “Why is there a vessel of warm water on my back?”, then I’d highly recommend it. In fact, I’ll go out on a vibration-enhanced limb and say you’ll love it.” Jessica Mattews, Harper’s BAZAAR

"It resonates with you on some deeper level, activating that little wellness nugget in your brain that lets you give yourself a break” Emma Markezic, Body & Soul

"(the) sound-healing experience, had me so blissed out I practically floated down the beach afterwards. As Phoebe’s ridiculously soothing voice (coupled with a gentle sea breeze) had me almost melting into the mat, floor- based yoga poses (held for several minutes at a time) were coupled with breath work, relaxation and a fully immersive “sound bath”. At one point, bowls filled with warm water were placed directly onto my body, over its energy centres. In a word, heaven. As we finished with guided meditation, I was so zen I practically fell asleep. And, when I finally did get up, I walked away feeling calm, centred, balanced and like I’d had a month off, in the space of just five days." Jacqui Mooney, editor, Women's Health Australia

"Can't say enough about Phoebe Joel, who grew up in the eastern suburbs and is a leading international expert in Tibetan Sound Healing. This ancient healing modality utilises the deep vibrations and soothing sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls to bring relief from various ailments, stress-related conditions and reduces physical pain" Robin Armadio, The Wentworth Courier



"I went to the yin yoga/sound healing class on Saturday afternoon, and it was the highlight of my whole week! The whole experience was magical, powerful and beautiful, so thank you so much for suggesting this! I'll certainly be back and I have a friend I think will love it also, who I’ll bring along with me. Phoebe seems lovely, and is a really gifted healer. She created such a safe and healing space in the class that afterwards she was mobbed by students and everyone just kind of hung around, not wanting to leave! The Tibetan bowls are amazing! It was the first time I’ve experienced any non-traditional healing methods since my curative treatment for breast cancer a bit over two years ago, and it really felt very clearing on many levels. Phoebe intuitively placed the bowls on my chest right where I’d had radiotherapy - as you can imagine, this was very moving and restorative - and i think shows her instinctive healing gift! The experience was very empowering for me as a survivor, and she had no idea of my medical history (i introduced myself at the end of the class)! Wonderful. Thank you."

"Last night you created an unimaginable opening and window for something yet i don't want to define. It was such a moving experience with your magical sound are very gifted and soulful! The physical vibrations from the bowls were incredible. We are so fortunate to have found you... I slept the best that i have in ages and awoke very gently this morning - still absorbing & soaking in the energy that was created with you and Jemma's reiki. Looking forward to experiencing this again."

"Amazing! Thank you so much! You have a really exceptional therapeutic effect on me. Everyone in my life stresses me out. So today was special." 

"thank you for a magical and spiritual healing session last night. It's the best I've felt in ages!!"

"I actually feel so great after the bowls. Genuinely happy and have had the best sleep." 

"It was wonderful. I loved it so much today. With the rain, in that space, it was quite magical!"